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  5. Application accepted, get with a Recruiter on Teamspeak with the JR or SR Tags.
  6. InGame Name: GrapplerLocation/Timezone: WA State, PSTDo you speak fluent English?: YESWhat role are you looking for in the unit?(Do not request leadership roles, you start from PV1. like everyone else):509th Parachute Infantry Regiment Available Roles:[OPEN] 11B Infantryman[OPEN] 68W Combat Medic*I own a legit copy of ArmA 3 YES*I own a working Microphone YES*What is your age? 26*How many hours do you have in ArmA? 2,246 hrs*I agree with 509th's "No double clanning" rule YES*I am able to attend 3-hour Friday and Saturday night events from 4:00pm PST YES*I am willing t
  7. Arma 3 is a terrible game, we should be paid to work with it. This has been my TED talk.
  8. CW5. Kyle


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