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InGame Name: Grappler
Location/Timezone: WA State, PST
Do you speak fluent English?: YES

What role are you looking for in the unit?
(Do not request leadership roles, you start from PV1. like everyone else):

509th Parachute Infantry Regiment Available Roles:
[OPEN] 11B Infantryman
[OPEN] 68W Combat Medic

*I own a legit copy of ArmA 3      YES
*I own a working Microphone      YES
*What is your age?     26
*How many hours do you have in ArmA?     2,246 hrs
*I agree with 509th's "No double clanning" rule     YES
*I am able to attend 3-hour Friday and Saturday night events from 4:00pm PST     YES
*I am willing to check the forums and respond to mandatory posts on time     YES
*I will let the unit know when I cannot make a unit scheduled event and post an LOA on the forums     YES
*I am willing to download the mods required on time for events     YES
*I am currently serving in the military     NO
*Care to share a bit about your military background if you have one:

Please write a little bit about yourself (Gaming Experience or Real Life): You member me? I member. If not, I've been in and out of the unit a few times due to various life events and crazy delivery seasons (Mail man.)

Previous ArmA units/groups: This unit, 327th PIR

Why would you like to join us (At least one paragraph of why): I'm ready to get back into some steady gaming again, and I miss the MilSim experience.

How did you find us(please be specific):

Are you willing to download the mods we require (approx. 18.2GB)?     YES
Do you require help installing mods?     NO

Mark if you cannot attend mandatory amount of operations. []

If you were recruited by a member of the unit (SEPARATE FROM THE PERSON WHO DID YOUR RECRUITMENT), please list name here:

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