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We Are The 509th PIR

Recruiting now! If interested please click "Enlist today" If you have any questions please contact a recruiter on our Teamspeak or Discord today!
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    • Who We Are

      3-509 PIR is an ArmA III Milsim organization. You should expect a military rank system, chain of command, accountability, and professionalism. All of our members find deeper satisfaction and enjoyment out of replicating real-world tactics, techniques, and procedures. If you are interested in only passive group play, operating on your own, or just looking for something temporary, this is not the place for you.

      What We Offer

      -A Milsim experience that differs from all others.

      The 509th PIR is built upon the dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm of dozens of members over the years. Senior leadership consists of real-world US Military Veterans. In short, we are adult-lead and experienced.

      -Full-time, persistent servers.

      In addition to our public server, we have private servers that are online 24/7. Training maps and Operational Servers are online for member use. Operations are conducted under the deployment concept. The 509th PIR deploys to the area of operations and conducts multi-level operations until (if) the mission is completed. Front lines change, FOBs and COPs shift, the enemy reacts, and each operation is different from the last.

      -Real-world applicable leadership training and project management.

      Mentored by actual Veterans and active duty military members, you will have the opportunity to test and grow your leadership capabilities. Just as leadership opportunities, you have the chance to be mentored through basic principals of project management. From pre-planning to risk assessments to testing and implementation, the skills you gain will help prepare you for whatever your real-world professional life requires.

      What You Can Expect


      Persistent world, campaign operations with story lines, enemy personalities, and dynamic missions comprise the backbone of unit activity. The unit deploys with full Intelligence Preparation of the Battle space (IPB) that outlines each section's Area of Operations. Platoons and support elements execute operations, plan contingency missions, and execute a wide variety of specific operations.


      Every new member completes two phases of training: Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training. Until you complete these requirements you are considered in the Assessment & Selection process. Upon finishing BCT and AIT, advanced training includes Airborne and Air Assault Schools.


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